Algebra Vol. 2 (Skills in Mathematics Series)
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Product Description

  • This Book thoroughly deals with the topics mentioned in highlights below. A focused topic-flow tactics has been emphasized. A Suffiecient number of worket-out examples has been provided to make the theory clear. The Exercises in three levels together with different type of Objective Questions really test the mettle and give one the penetration required to tackle the algebra-backed questions asked in the tough entrances such as IIT JEE and other engineering entrance.

  • Highlights

    1. Topic Covered :Binomial Theorems, Determinants, Inequalities, Probablility, Matrices and Logarithms

    2. Theory and Related problems Sunbsequently have been put together to brush off reader's skills 

    3. Sufficient Examples and Alternate Approaches Toward problems

  • Key Features of Algebra Vol. 2

    Author Dr. S.K.Goyal
    publication Arihant
    Language English
    Type old
    Number of Pages 463
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