Connie of Kettle Street (Carol Rivers)
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  • Romance Novel
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Product Description

  • This is a brilliant book, it is well written as well as being gripping and a page turner.
    All of the characters felt real and you are able to make a connection with them. I loved Ada, to me she wasn't mentioned enough, she was fun, lively, humorous and had something about her that the other characters just didn't have. I also thought the young GI, Clint Hershey, was absolutely wonderful. I was hoping something would happen between him and Connie, after all he adored her or so it seemed. I, however, didn't like Lucky's maternal grandfather and didn't from the first time he was mentioned. He's what you'd want in a somewhat villain character - sinister with a hidden agenda.

    The scenes were well written and descriptive enough so you can imagine being there without being drained from being overwhelmed. You're definitely left wondering about what is going to happen next.

  • Highlights

    Amidst the death and destruction of war shines a ray of hope 

    7th September, 1940. The Isle of Dogs, heart of London's docklands, suffers the first terrible night of a nine-month Blitz. But for Connie Marsh, the discovery of an orphaned baby boy amongst the rubble brings a glimmer of hope to a time of darkness and suffering. 

    She also finds herself falling in love with handsome Vic Campion, the man who helped her rescue the child they've named Lucky. 

  • Key Features of Connie of Kettle Street

    Author Carol Rivers
    Publication Pocket Books
    Edition 2007
    Type Paperback
    Number of Pages 467
    Language English
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