Gently With The Innocents (Alan Hunter)
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Product Description

  • When an old man is found dead at the foot of the staircase in his rambling old house, a hint of murder and the lure of hidden treasure draw Gently into the case.

    Gently has plenty of suspects for the old man's murder. A warehouse watchman across the street misses nothing that goes on at the house, but can shed no light on the murderer. A local antiques dealer knows a suspicious amount about the house and a good deal more about the treasure that is thought to be hidden within its walls.

    When the murderer strikes again, Gently has a high profile case on his hands and faces a night of sheer terror alone in a house whose secret has claimed at least two lives . . .

  • Highlights

    Peachment lived in a sixteenth-century mansion filled with twisting passages and hidden rooms. Some said it was haunted; others, that it held an ancient treasure. When a priceless gold coin was found beside his bruised body at the foot of the stairs, the rumors became all too real.

    Everyone Inspector Gently interrogated - the kind antique dealer, the gruff caretaker, the naive nephew, the curious schoolchildren - seemed innocent. But the daring detective was certain that someone was guilty of cold-blooded murder.

  • Key Features of Gently With The Innocents

    Author Alan Hunter
    Publication Robinson
    Edition 2013
    Type Paperback
    Number of Pages 202
    Language English
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