Girl With A One Track Mind (Abby Lee, English, Paperback)
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Product Description

  • 'They say men think about sex every eight seconds - I want to know what they think about for the other seven...'

    Abby Lee is smart, sassy and perpetually single. Frustrated with her mediocre love life, she's now looking for the kind of sex she's always wanted. From the illicit thrill of a threesome to a kinky introduction to the delights of a whip, this is the intimate diary of Abby's extraordinary sexual journal.

    NB: Although the cover states 'Girl with a One Track Mind Confessions of the Seductress next door', this does not appear on the title page, which states just the first part without the extra strapline and that is how this edition is cataloged.

  • Highlights

    Based on her hugely popular sex blog, Abby Lee's Girl With a One Track Mind was a publishing phenomenon. Unfortunately for Abby, her true identity was revealed shortly after publication andher private life - now public - was thrown into disarray. Suddenly all her friends, family and colleagues knew her most shockingly intimate secrets. In her follow up book she details how she coped once the whole world knew she was Britain's most famous sex diarist, and reveals her attempts to lead a satisfying sex life once more. Once again this results in hilarious adventures, from doomed sex with a rock star and uneventful sex with a newspaper columnist to an on-off relationship with a tv presenter and a one-night stand with an internet celebrity.

  • Key Features of Girl With A One Track Mind

    Author Abby Lee
    Publication Ebury Press
    Edition 2006
    Type Paperback, Mint Condition
    Number of Pages 306
    Language English
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