Modern India Old NCERT History Textbook ( Bipin Chandra, English, Paperback)
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Product Description

  • Old NCERT Textbook for Class - 12. Useful for All national level Competitive Examinations especially publics services examinations. It is the must book for all IAS aspirants. Written in very engaging language.

  • Highlights

    History of Modern India presents an authoritative overview of the history of what was known as British India. The text is largely based on the author s research on nationalism and colonialism in India and also draws from the works of eminent historians of the period . This book is a product of Chandra's own research on nationalism and colonialism in India. So here you will not only find all that had happened politically, but also socio-economic aspects like what did the general people understood and did about this rule? He uses an innovative chronology; he deals with causes as well as the effects of this reign over India. While you read the book, nationalist movement certainly becomes the main storyline, but the anecdotes and parallel stories of what was going through the lives that just wanted to get by each day without any trouble are interesting. You can easily understand what and how the social hidden narratives went during that time. This is not the only accurate description of Modern Indian history, but this is much closer to the everyday reality of those who lived between 1700s-1947 in India. This book is a recommended read for the students who are preparing for civil services with "history" as an optional paper. It is also recommended for other History enthusiasts and academies.

  • Key Features of Modern India Old NCERT History Textbook

    Author Bipan Chandra
    Edition Reprint of 2004 Edition
    publication NCERT
    Language English
    Type Reprint
    Number of Pages 274
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