Process Control Instrumentation Technology (Curtis D. Johnson)
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Product Description

  • 1.This book is intended for a reader who has at least a working knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and familiarity with calculus.
    In addition, a solid understanding of basic electricity along with some working knowledge of analog and digital electronics is essential to good comprehension of the topics.

  • Highlights

    1.The book is dividd into two section. Chapter 1 includes the very important topics of first order and second order time response.

    2.Chapters 2 to chapter 6 covers the general topics of measurement from analog and digital signal conditioning to the most common sensors used in the control industry.

    3.Chapters 7 through 12 covers the final control element and PLCs, as well as the principles of controller action, analog and digital controllers, process control networks, and an overview of control-loop performance and tuning.

  • Key Features of Process Control Instrumentation Technology

    Author Curtis D. Johnson
    Edition 8th Edition
    publication PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
    Language English
    Type Old
    Number of Pages 694


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