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Product Description

  • Ruthless indeed...... a business expansion with dirty tricks, deceit, and merciless games played by Marcus Caine. An encryption technology system that keeps the world record top security secret code.

    When Roger Gordian find out that his company was an object of a corporate take over. He must find a way to bring down the gang of pirates, spies, drug lords, politacal extremists and the terrorist around the world. It's a universal marketplace where greediness is not good........but it's great.

  • Highlights

    Encryption technology keeps the codes for the world's security and communication systems top secret. Deregulating this state-of-the-art technology for export could put a back-door key in the pockets of spies and terrorists around the world. So when American businessman Roger Gordian refuses to put his sophisticated encryption program on the market, he finds his company the object of a corporate takeover--and to say it's hostile doesn't even come close.Only Gordian stands between the nation's military software and political extremists who want to put the leadership of the free world out of business--for good...

  • Key Features of

    Author Tom Clancy
    Publication Penguin Books
    Edition 1998
    Type Paperback
    Number of Pages 353
    Language English
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