Why Do I Say These Things? (Jonathan Ross)
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Product Description

  • Why is catalogue shopping responsible for Jonathan Ross's inimitable sense of style?

    Why might wearing cape and mask be a fast track to heaven?

    Why does Jonathan wince every time he sees a Hoover?

    And why did he fall in love with a deep-sea diver?

    Why? Because this is Jonathan Ross. And nothing is out of bounds when it comes to talking about life as he knows it. From sex and pugs to rock 'n' roll and genital warts, Jonathan holds forth as only he can. This sharply observed, laugh-out-loud, outrageous page-turner will leave you asking just one question . . . Why didn't he write it sooner?

  • Highlights

    Irreverent, tangental, highly intelligent, and irrepressibly exuberent, Jonathan Ross is Britain's best-known television personality for good reason and his take on growing up, and the world around him, is laugh-out-loud funny. With stories that range from discovering B-movies to fashion, from diets to childhood sweetshops, favorite presents and from sex to pets (and back to sex) he tells his story of his life with all his customary energy, wit, lasciviousness, self-deprecatory humor, and random meandering, revealing that in short trousers he was as cheeky, vain, and frankly ridiculous at times, as he is in those suits. 

  • Key Features of Why Do I Say These Things?

    Author Jonathan Ross
    Publication Bantam Books
    Edition 2009
    Type Paperback
    Number of Pages 380
    Language English
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